Gul'muradov T.G., Sangov D.S., Nazarov F.N.

The department of cardiovascular and reconstruction surgery TIPGPM RSCSSH MPH RT

To conduct comparative assessment of the results videolaparoscopycal and traditional echi-nococcectomya of liver and improve the results of surgical treatment of echinococcosis of the liver using videolaparoscopycal technology analyzes the results of surgical treatment of 206 patients with echinococcosis of liver aged 15 to 64 years. 96 patients operated with the use of videolaparoscopycal technology (main group) and 110 — traditional way (control group). Indi­cation for use videoendosurgical technology was the presence of uncomplicated echinococcosis cysts of the liver in zones good view, not lying deep into the parenchyma, with a diameter of 10 cm in the absence of signs of sepsis, and a breakthrough in the bile ducts. When diagnostic laparoscopy in 6 cases was detected intrahepatic localization cysts, Two patients detected adhe­sions in subdiaphragmatic space, in 2 cases visualize echinococcosis cysts failed. To substantiate the high efficiency and minimal invasiveness of laparoscopic technology in comparison with traditional echinococcectomya of the liver. Thanks to the use of videolaparoscopycal technol­ogies, elimination of the biliary fistula, ultrasonic cavitation and omentoplastic residual cavity cysts, significantly decreased the frequency of postoperative complications, reduced the period of inpatient treatment, decreased cost of surgical treatment.


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