Kasymova S.D., Ayubova G.Sh., Rahmonov V.D., Boymatova M.B.

The course of endocrinology at department of therapy TIPGPMP Republican clinical centre of endocrinology

In connection with the exceptional importance of the thyroid gland problem of pathology of the organ of children is the focus of endocrinologists. Pathology of the thyroid gland in the regions of iodine deficiency, which includes the Republic of Tajikistan, occupies the leading position in the endocrine pathology in children and adolescents. Diagnostics of thyroid pathology in this category includes a phased investigation with the decision of the question concerning the goitrous increase the authority and assessment of the functional state of the thyroid gland. Many tasks successfully done with the use of ultrasonic technologies. The article suggests the use of ultrasound diagnostics for estimation of structural and functional changes of the thyroid gland, 93 children and adolescents with a duration of pathology from 6 months to 2 years. Depending on the functional state of the examined organ children and adolescents were divided into the following groups: I group amount­ed to 61,3% of patients with diffuse nontoxic goiter, II — 20,4% of individuals autoimmune, with tireoidita III group — 18,2% of surveyed with hypopituitarism thyroid gland. Results of ultrasonic research show the greatest increase in volume of the thyroid gland in the group 2 patients with au­toimmune thyroiditis. Analysis of results of ultrasonic research showed that in the 1 group of the examined enlargement of the thyroid gland was moderately expressed. The largest increase of the volume of the thyroid was noted in group 2 patients with autoimmune thyroiditis. Of the 17 patients with subclinical hypothyroidism last group in 58% of cases of thyroid volume slightly increased in 42% of cases, the value remains in the normal range. The results obtained allow to note that for the estimation of structural and functional changes of the thyroid gland are essential ultrasound diagnostics.


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Information about the authors:

Kasimova Salomat Jamolovna — cn. med. sci., the director of RCC Endocrinology; Tel: (992)907744657


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