Makhkamov K.K., Saidmuradova R.Kh., Buzrukova N.D

Department of Neonatology of State Educational Establishment «Institute of Postgraduate Education in Health Sphere of Republic of Tajikistan»

This paper presents the national protocol for the care of healthy newborns, which is approved by Ministry of Health and social protection of the population of the Republic of Tajikistan 07.06.2011 (№318), including 5 protocols of maintaining newborns (care of the healthy newborn, reanimation of newborns, sepsis of newborns, pneumonia of newborns, a haemolytic illness of newborns). The approved standard was the first step on standardization and optimization of the neonatologic help, and respectively, decrease in incidence, mortality and an invalidization of newborns. Мaterial is based on the available evidence regarding the practice of medicine and nursing care of newborns in many countries, including your own experience, and consistent with the recommendations of WHO


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