Ethics of scientific publications


Science and Scientific Publication sphere mainly depend not only on compliance of laws and regulations, but also on theobservance of ethical relations principles between the participants of the scientific and publishing communities. This is the guarantee of increasing qualitative number of scientific publications, as well as the successful development of mutual cooperation of authors, publishers and readers.

Our journal completely follows the Code of scientific publications Ethics, which includes the principles of professional ethics activity of editor, reviewer, and author of scientific publications.

The editor and the editorial council of a scientific journal are responsible for making decisions about publication; guided by the regulations that editorial council regarding of libel , copyright , legality, and plagiarism; evaluate the intellectual content of manuscripts, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, origin, nationality, social status or political preferences of the authors; when publishing guided by reliability of data and scientific significance of the given work; do not use for personal purposes and not share data received from manuscripts submitted for consideration with third parties without the written permission of the author.

Reviewer during the scientific expertise of copyright material provides an objective, impartial, reasoned assessment of research results, and the manuscript has the status of a confidential document. Manuscript received for review, is not transferred to review or discuss to third parties who do not have full powers from the editors. Unpublished data received from submitted for consideration manuscripts are not used for reviewer’s personal purposes and store as confidential.

Author and/or group of authors responsible for the novelty and reliability of results of scientific research and guarantee that research results are completely original, plagiarism is excluded. Authors should not submit the manuscript to the journal, which was sent to another publication and is under consideration, as well as an article already published in another journal. Co-authors of the article indicate all persons who have made significant contributions to the research. Group of authors  declare about absence of any conflict of interest.

Publisher respects the privacy and secrecy of personal information; protects intellectual property and copyright.Promotes transparency and integrity in relation to conflicts of interest, financing of research, compliance with the standards of writing articles, information dissemination on journal policy, publication of revisions, clarifications and withdraws unfair articles, and also provides timely publication of journal editions.


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