How to Write Article


During writing of a scientific article an original research with reliable results are using.

The article includes a structured summary composed of 150-250 words, the scope of the article is 8-10 pages.

The original articles should have the following structure.

Introduction. In it is formulated the purpose and relevance of the research, gives short coverage of the research topic with links to the most significant publications.

Materials and Methods. This section provides quantitative and qualitative characteristics of patients (examined), indicates research methods, including method of statistical treatment, and if necessary, equipment and drugs with an indication of the manufacturer and the country.

Results.Are provided in a logical order in the text, tables, figures and illustrations. Moreover, the text does not duplicate data from tables and figures, as well as the applications themselves. The measurement values ​​should comply with the International System of Units (IS).

Discussion. Distinguishes new and important aspects of the results of own research and, if necessary, compared with other research data. Also could be include reasonable recommendations and a brief conclusion which is released to a separate paragraph.

Bibliography. References of literature in the text are given in brackets. Literature is illustrated according to State Standard R 7.0.5.-2008 in alphabetical order. Foreign authors are indicated at the end of transliteration, and in the Cyrillic alphabet indicates reference to paragraphs of References.


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