Preventive maintenance and therapy of shortage of iron in an organism at pregnancy

Preventive maintenance and therapy of shortage of iron in an organism at pregnancy

Nurmatova Z.I., Nurmatov A.A., N.I. Ibragimov

Thus, the preparation of folic acid (folacini) can be recommended for wide application in practical public health services in female consultations, maternity hospitals for treatment of anemia’s at pregnant women and women in childbirth in the postnatal period, especially at transferred blood   in  тhe use  and early postnatal the periods or at a Cesarean section. The given preparation is safe; simple in   also does not demand additional service (the pregnant woman can easy accept itself). 

It is not necessary to stop treatment by preparations of iron after normalization of level of hemoglobin and the maintenance earitrocitis in an organism. Normalization of level of hemoglobin in an organism does not mean restoration of stocks of iron in it. For this purpose experts the CART recommend after 2-3 the monthly   treatments and liquidation hematology a picture of an anemia not to stop therapy carrying out, and only to reduce twice a dose of a preparation which was used for treatment against an anemia anemias. Such course of treatment proceeds within 3 months. Even having restored completely iron stocks in an organism expediently during half a year to accept small doses of ferriferous preparations.

Development of an anemia during pregnancy negatively influences a current development process and is the serious factor of braking after a birth adaptations.

Timely and adequate treatment, preventive application shortage of iron in an organism

Preparations from early terms hestacy – pledge of safe end of pregnancy both for mother, and for the newborn.


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