• Reproductive health of the women rendering commercial sexual services

    M.O. Bobokhojaeva

    The condition of reproductive health of the women rendering commercial sexual services in a city of Dushanbe is studied. Clinical inspection there have passed 300 working women of sex. The low index of somatic health is revealed, among РС diseases urine ways (34,6 %), disease intestinal path (13 3 %), disease of bodies of breath (6, 7 %) are most extended an anaemia (46,7 %), endocrine infringements (58, 2 %). In structure of a gynecologic pathologyinflammatorydiseasesofbodiesofasmall basin (ВЗОТ) – 94, 3 %, infringements menstrual a cycle – 27, 2 %, barreness – 13, 3 %, precancer diseases of a neck of a uterus – 5, 8 % are most extended. Among them address contraception, widespread the abortion practice is not spent, all it brings the contribution to a condition of reproductive and sexual health, vulnerability to , sexually transmitted infections and puts forward on the first place a problem of improvement of access of highly vulnerablegroup-workingwomenofsextoservices

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  • Possible estimation failure of diabetes mellitus in dentistry patients

    Ashurov G.G., Shakirov M.N., Dzhuraeva Sh.F.

    In the article the study of failure diabetes of 106 patients (46 women, 60 men) in oral cavity was made. Results investigation was shown direct correlation between pathologic action of carbohydrate exchange, statues of parodontal diseases quality of the life of dentistry patients.

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  • Efficacy of fluсopt to treat otomycosis in children

    Azizov K. N., Bustonov M. O., Abdukhalilov Z. A., Azimova S. Ch.
    In article are results of clinical study of efficacy of flucopt used to treat otomycosis in children. according to the results of the study flucopt has effectively surpressed the mycotic in-fection and ameliorated symptoms of the disease, thus promoting earlier recovery.

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  • Modern view to the podagric nephropathy

    Shukurova S.M., Jonazarova D.Kh., Akhunova N.T.
    The below typed article includes the newest data information review, gathered from the worldwide resources regarding to the podagric nephropathy. The etiology and pathogenesis of the disease are widely opened as well as the modern view of the international researches to the problems of treatment. The article composes different opinions and provides brainstorming ideas.

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  • About endoprothesis joint offshoot in surgical treatment steadfast bilateral accustomed dislocation to mandible

    Shakirov M.N., Gafarov Kh.O., Mirzoev M.Sh.
    Described event from practical persons endoprothesis joint offshoot to mandible with implants from porous-nontight nikelid of the titanium under such rare disease as accustomed bilateral front steadfast dislocation to mandible. The offered method can be recommended then, when all known methods conduct to this categories sick turned out to be in vain.

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  • Expiries and activities of the Nursing Hospital in Dushanbe

    Samadova G.A., Mulloes A.M., Kosumbekova G.A., Hasanova N.H.
    For the period from 2006 to 2010 the expiries is expended significantly that is prove by the following indicators: use of hospital beds structure of hospital lazed diseases. To note the budgetary funding is same, i.e. insufficient.

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  • Pregnancy planning in women with the syndrome of pregnancy loss and cytomegalovirus infection

    Rustamova M.S., Radjabova S.A.

    The obtained results of negative cytomegalovirus infection influence on the course of gestation process and the principles of safe motherhood point to carrying of pregnancy planning in women with the syndrome of pregnancy loss. Complex of measures carried out during the predgravidous period was effective in restoring reproductive function in women with pregnancy loss syndrome in cytomegalovirus infection. Prevention and remission of cytomegalovirus infection process, contribute to a favorable outcome of pregnancy, for the majority (71,9%) of women, decrease reproductive fetus loss (3 times) and perinatal mortality (7,4 times) .

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  • Preventive maintenance and therapy of shortage of iron in an organism at pregnancy

    Nurmatova Z.I., Nurmatov A.A., N.I. Ibragimov
    Thus, the preparation of folic acid (folacini) can be recommended for wide application in practical public health services in female consultations, maternity hospitals for treatment of anemia’s at pregnant women and women in childbirth in the postnatal period, especially at transferred blood in тhe use and early postnatal the periods or at a Cesarean section. The given preparation is safe; simple in also does not demand additional service (the pregnant woman can easy accept itself).
    It is not necessary to stop treatment by preparations of iron after normalization of level of hemoglobin and the maintenance earitrocitis in an organism. Normalization of level of hemoglobin in an organism does not mean restoration of stocks of iron in it. For this purpose experts the CART recommend after 2-3 the monthly treatments and liquidation hematology a picture of an anemia not to stop therapy carrying out, and only to reduce twice a dose of

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  • About the prediabetogenic effect of lemon juice Citrus limon (L)

    Nuraliev. Yu. N., Ghaniev. Kh.A., Zubaydova. T.M.,.Samandarov N.Y.
    Testing experiments discovered the new unknown phisiological and patogenitical uccuronce connects the breaching of metabolism process on the whole of corbohidrate exchange, prediabetes of patogenes and insulinresistion, mark the beginning metabolitical sindrom with the hard results of illness.
    At the state of development the prediabet and insulinresistion the patient must not be use acid food products with cold nature and use products high level alkaline elements.
    Only this method of medical prophilaction measures, as recommended and practiced famous Avicena low to stop the developing growth of diabetes and other illness.

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