Abdurahmanova R.F., Izzatov H.N., Hadibaeva G.R., Sharipova B.A., Rashidova O.A., Umarova Z.


Department of Neurology and Medical Genetics of the State educational establishment «Institute of postgraduate education in health sphere of Republic of Tajikistan»

The review considers serious consequences of cerebrovascular diseases — disorders of cognitive functions. In case of chronic insufficiency of cerebral blood supply the cognitive disorders became the main symptom which reflects the severity of vascular lesions of the brain. Most characteristic are the cognitive impairment of «frontal» type. Defects in intellectual-mnestical functions appear. Timely detection of cognitive disorders, before forming of vascular dementia promotes to an earlier conducting of pathogenic therapy what slows down the disorders of informative functions. At the stage of dementia it is expedient to combine neurometabolic drugs with drugs influencing on synthesis of acetylcholine and/or acetylcholinesterase inhibitors.


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