• Detection of flat in the practice of family doctors

    Mirzoyeva Z. A., Zaripova I.I., Davlyatova D.D.
    Plantogrammy method is simple, affordable, cheap technique. Every family physician should possess this practical skill to detect and prevent the development of flatfoot and its complications, while referred to a specialist and give correct advice.

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  • The role of family doctors in planning family

    Mirzoeva Z.A., Hisomova H.K., Ortikova M.M.
    In the result of increasing level coverage of contraceptive methods decreasing the rate of birth, prevention of pregnancy, decreasing of abortion and chronic urogenital disease, decreasing of maternal mortality.

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  • Standard feature of the individual variety of the functional factor’s organism in patients with periodontal pathology

    Karimov S.M., Makhmudov D.T., Gurezov M.R., Yorakov F.M.
    Pathological changes of the periodontal tissue beside examined patient greatly connection with the general reaction of the organism, which is characterized it is enough high degree and reaction heart and vessels systems. Degree of the defeat periodontal fabric is determined level to accustomed motor activity and each functional type has their own physiological particularities of the factors heart and vessels systems and corresponding to reaction periodontal fabric on damaging factor of the system nature.

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  • Optimization of a tactical approach when combined fractures of long bones

    Karimov K.K, Ashurov B.O., Barotov H.N., Sharipov U.L.
    In the work of the studied result of the treatment of 73 patients with impairment of long tubular bones of the lower extremities, received at the clinic for emergency and planned manner. All patients were complex clinico-diagnostic approach and appropriate treatment.
    The result of the study States that early stable-functional osteosynthesis of a grant minimize disability, early activation of the patients, and also the restoration of the static-dynamic functions and kinematic balance of the musculoskeletal system.

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  • The optmizacllucebnogo proctss in the medical schools of a sо

    Isomidinov А.I., Isomodinov А.А.
    Thus account of the horizontal and vertical forms of training, their integration and realization of other new educational games, interconnected to various disciplines, in all (theoretical and practical) faculties is capable to raise an educational, scientific and professional level of the future doctor. Such approach helps the student will learn skill to put before itself the purpose to analyze and to give synthesis to the received knowledge to find ways of the decision of the put task, will join and to look at a subject from others scientific integrative points of view.

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  • The carriage tactic of dental implantation, for sick’s who pronounced atrophic chops

    Jonibekova R. N.
    Technology happens to In article and tactics of the undertaking dental to implantations with expressed atrophy of the jaws. It Is Offered at deficit of the bone structures augmentation and installation dental implant conducts with using small granulated biocompatible nickel titanium in combinations with platelet concentrate ( the factor of the growing).

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  • Intensity of halitosis condition of oral cavity in patients with periodontal inflammatory diseases

    Ashurov G.G., Dzhumaboev D.B.
    Got results on study halitosis condition of oral cavity beside 78 patients are indicative of intercoupling the unsatisfactory hygienic condition and increased concentrations flying chamois join in exhaled air. Amongst examined persons is determined even growing difference with increase level flying chamois of the join in exhaled air from 154.31% in 1 group before 283.76% in 4 groups that speaks the under investigation factors of close-fitting intercoupling.

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  • Inprovement surgical treatment of sick with palsy of the mimic muscles

    Shakirov M.N.

    At treatment sick with palsy of the mimic muscles for undertaking statically their hang up author was used thinprofile fabrics from nikelid titanium, is in detail described move to operations. The Applicable material is deprived defect traditionally used and possesses the high degree to integrations with perceiving zone.

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  • Applying of Clinical experience preparation “Metakrizol” in the treatment of women with cervicitis against the background of benign cervical pathology

    The drug of metakrizol has a broad antibacterial l, trihomonotsidnym and antimycotic effect. The use of this drug in the treatment of viral and bacterial cervicitis against dishormonal ectopia of the cervix allows 70% of women to accelerate the elimination of clinical signs of inflammation. However, the therapeutic effect metakrizola significantly reduced in the treatment of inflammation of the cervix against a background of degenerative changes in the cervix caused by scar deformities. It is also effective use of the drug before physical – surgical therapy of cervical cancer, promotes epithelialization of the wound earlier defect (66.7%).

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