Reviewing Procedure

The order of reviewing of material submitted to

«Herald of institute of postgraduate education in health sphere»

Articles that submitted to the editor are preliminary examinated and received in the prescribed manner.Requirements for registration of original articles submitted in the journal's website or by editor on request of the author.

After the previewing of article, if necessary, edition reports to author observations on the contents and design of manuscripts that necessary to eliminate before the sending the text for review.

All submitted articles are reviewed in a compulsory manner by members of the editorial council or recognized by experts of the relevant specialty (candidates or doctors of medical science).


Review should include a reasonable enumeration of positive qualities of material, including the scientific novelty problem, its relevance, factual accuracy of citation, good writing style, using contemporary sources and motivated enumeration material defect. In conclusion, the overall assessment of material and recommendation for the editorial council are given (to publish material, to publish material after processing, to send back for revision, to send additional review, reject)

            Volume of review – not less than one page of text.

Reviews of the received materials are stored in the publishing house for 3 years.


Articles needing improvement, sent to the author with comments from reviewers and editor for their elimination, followed subsequent compulsoryagreement of made ​​corrections with the editorial.

Authors should make any necessary corrections to the final version of the printed material and return corrected text to editor, and its identical  electronic version with the original version of the text. After completion an article is reviewed again, and the editors decide about its publication.

In the case of the negative reviews the written reasoned refusal is given.

Article deemed to be accepted for publication in the presence of a positive review and if it is supported by the majority of members of the editorial council. Order and priority of publication of an article is determined by the date of the final version of the article.

Single-blind peer-review of the manuscript is confidential. Disclosure of confidential details of reviewing the manuscript violates the rights of the author. Reviewers are not allowed to make copies of the manuscripts for their needs.

Reviewers and the editorial staff are not entitled to use the information contained in the manuscript, in their own interest, before its publication.


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